Sunday, September 25, 2005

Winter's Over...what a tease!

Told you! That 'exciting' weather, lasted all of one night & then...{sigh} back to the wonderful mildness that makes this state what it is. {double sigh}

I am running on empty. Last night I didn't go to bed before 2 am, which would really make it this morning. Friday night, I did not go to bed until 4 am, which was really Saturday morning. I felt fine Saturday though. But I guess it's all catching up to me. I have a headache.

Friday night I was getting the home in order for a JFF party I was throwing together last minute, on Saturday. It was a bust..but that was ok. The house got nicely cleaned up. That's why busy moms should invite guests over @ least once a week. It guarantees your home will get decluttered! lol

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