Saturday, October 15, 2005

Apparently, it's NOT just Blondes!

My friend gave me a few of those Burger King certificates that they sell every Halloween, you know for free fries & drinks. So I decided to take a little jaunt tonight to use them & 'treat' the ktbunch. We don't eat fast food that often.

I go to the can use the drink coupons for a soft drink, frozen coke or an icee. I order 2 icees & the voice on the other end responds: 'We don't have icee's ma'am.' I get iced-tea instead. I'm searching the 'menu' for these 'chicken-fry' things my friend suggested were tasty but being unfamiliar w/ it, I didn't see them so I get a couple 99 cent chicken sandwiches instead. I proceed to make the rest of my order, total is $13.66. I think, how cool, I wonder how much cheaper it will be when I get to the window & hand over my 4 'free' coupons? You know how OVER-priced fast food is, so I figure it's got to be a few bucks @ least!

As I pull forward to the 'next window'......I realize.......I'm @ CARL'S JR.!!!!! ;o/

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