Tuesday, October 25, 2005


That is what L said today when she saw a pic of Cinderella on my puter. lol It was the cutest thing.

I (well, w/ the help of the ktbunch, kind of) planted some rununculus bulbs today. I found a bag of 40 @ Target the other day on clearance...$5. I thought that was a pretty good deal. I am kicking myself for NOT buying the blueberry bush I saw on clearance. That would have been better since it would have provided food in the future...we LOVE our blueberry muffins, ya' know.

I also found a gorgeous plant on clearance w/ dark purple leaves. I figured I'd have better luck w/ a colored bush than a flower. This plant did have tiny flowers too though. I hope it survives the winter & flourishes in Spring. I hope the bulbs grow too. I'm not much of a green thumb, ya' know, contrary to popular belief.

OH! How could I forget to mention? We FINALLY found our garage door opener!!!! It had been lost for about a week now! We had looked EVERYWHERE! Finally today...miraculously, L announced that she found it....under the couch. OF COURSE! Where we had ALREADY looked a gazillion times! :o)

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