Monday, October 10, 2005

oh ME!

Last year, I guess I was feeling a bit adventurous, or maybe I was just bored, either way, I found some Nair on clearance & decided to try it. Well, I ended up w/ cigarette-like burns all over my legs. I swore I'd never try THAT again. I'd stick to shaving.

H went out of town & took the razor w/ him. I saw the nearly full bottle of Nair under the bathroom sink & decided to risk it again. Vowing to watch the clock closely & immediatley rinse it off if I noticed even the HINT of burn! I slathered it on & set the timer. Everything was going well until I realized that while I was rinsing one leg, the other leg was getting a bit over-cooked. I quickly rinsed it off, just in time to avoid any hint of self-mutilation.

THEN I was @ the 99cents store & a Sally Hansen product happen to catch my eye. It's a hair buffer or something like that. Basically, it's fine sand-paper that you use on your face to remove hair. I've seen something like that for legs, YEARS ago, so I know it works. I figured HEY! For 99 cents, that's worth a try. This one is for facial hair, you know upper lip or something.

Right before church (big mistake) I decided to try it out on my upper lip. It seemed to work well. Then I started to notice a bit of a burning sensation & some redness. I figured it was because I applied a bit too much pressure or something. I did the other side, w/ a lighter touch. A bit later that side had a bit of burning.

I had to go to church w/ a RED upper lip. But hey...@ least it was smooth right?

Later that evening I noticed a bit of swelling where the redness was.

When I relayed the story to my friend...she was like..WHAT hair? I guess it is kinda maybe no one else has ever noticed? But they sure noticed the redness!

So much for beauty regimen adventures! :o)

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