Monday, October 3, 2005

Happy 13th Anniversary!

We met in an acting class in college. I wanted to be an actress & he wanted to take an easy class.

I thought he was so cute, too cute, that he would never go out w/ me. He asked me if I knew ________, a girl I went to highschool with. I knew if he had gone out w/ her, he would never go out w/ me.

He was hilarious. I came home after every class, reenacting all the funny scenes he had done that day.

I found out 'that girl' was his cousin! He was back on the market to me. I told a friend: 'I'm gonna get him.' It wasn't that hard. ;)

After class one day, I stood there for 2 hours straight, determined to keep talking UNTIL he asked for my phone #. I told him I would not be home that night because I had church, so to call me tomorrow. Knowing he would call anyway, I skipped church to do some 'homework'.

After a month, he asked me to be his girlfriend, exclusively. I told him I didn't know him well enough.

Seven months later, as I was preparing to walk down the aisle, I had NEVER been so sure of anything in my short 19 years of life. I said a quick prayer for God to show me if this was absolutely NOT the one...nope, I didn't see any horns. That was good cause I'd be awfully embarrassed to call it off in front of everyone. lol

Our first son was born prematurely, 3 months later @ 6 weeks early. Named after his dad but looking exactly like me w/ a personality to match. The roller coaster ride was just beginning.

In 13 years we have have moved in & out of 7 different homes, the last & current, we are going on 8 years living here, seperated for 6 mos & near divorce, attended my 10 year class reunion but missed his, had 3 children together & he has 4 total, gone through 6 cars, he has had 10 different jobs, I've had 2, both lasting very briefly, attended 3 different churches, renewed our vows in year 12 & are STILL in love, MORE than ever! :o)

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