Sunday, October 2, 2005

Shopping Nightmares!

I am an average female. I am of average weight, average height & even average looks. Nothing special. BUT apparently I have a very UNaverage body SHAPE!

I attempted to purchase a new pair of dress pants the other day. I tried on @ least 11 different pairs; jeans, slacks, cargos, dickies ect. NOTHING & I mean nothing fit right.

The thing is, for us women, you can't even go by size. I can't even say what size I 'normally' wear because depending on what area of the store you are in you may wear an 11 or 7 or in some cases even a size 4 or 6. What is w/ the #'s anyway? Some pants go by even sizes while some go by odd sizes!

IF I could get them up comfortably they were way too big on my waist. If they appeared to fit my waist, I could hardly get them up much less buttoned or zippered.

I figured, ok maybe cause I'm in the Jr. section so I need a larger size. NBD. I'm used to sometimes needing a size 11 in the Jr. department. I moved over into the 'women's' department. Well, all the real women must have given up because there was not ONE pair of pants in the 'women's' department. There were plenty of shirts, jackets & some skirts but NO pants. Seriously!

Oh but the 'Petite' department had racks & racks of wonderful looking outfits! But I needed pants NOT dressy capris! Which is what a normal pair of petite pants would be on me.

I was SO frustrated & disappointed & my self-esteem was quickly plummetting! I left the store & was forced to wear a slightly too tight pair of pants left over from my near-anorexic days! Ugh!

Today though, I found justice! Finally!

I guess all the normal pants are sold @ Target! I didn't even think to look there! I was hesitant but H practically forced me to try on some pants. I chose only 2 pairs, a Levi Signature Jean & a pair of dress slacks. The slacks in 8 & the jeans in 10.

I was pleasantly surprised & could barely contain my excitement when they both fit not only well but very flattering too!(loose even!) I went back to try on more.

On the other side of the jeans rack, were darker blue jeans. I grabbed a pair of those in 8 & another of the original ones in 8 because the 10's were still a bit loose. Again, what we women have to go through! One pari of jeans was in a 'new fit' design/cut, while the other pair was in a 'tapered waist' fit, whatever that means!!!

The 8 in the original pair were way too tight! The 8 in the dark blues were perfect!

I tried an 8 in a different color of the slacks (same brand though), too tight. I grabbed an 8 in a black pair of slacks & they were alittle bit tight in the rear. I checked the tag & they were NOT 8's but rather 4's!!! Explain THAT too me! So I had to try those in a 6! I finally decided to go w/ the 8 anyway, even though they were much looser just because I liked the way they looked better. BUT that leaves my waist fully exposed so I'll have to find a nice belt. {sigh}

Not only do we have to suffer through bad fitting room lighting, we also have to suffer through a dizzing array of boggling sizes then we also have to wade through the assortment of different 'cuts'! arrgghh!

Will the madness EVER end?

Is it too much to ask for standard sizing?

Or why not just put the sizes into words we women can totally understand:
Pear Shape
Boy Shape
Chicken Legs
Mom of 1
Mom of 3
I Love Elastic

I think EVERY women knows the difference between Mom of 1 & Mom of 3 & I Love Elastic. kwim? :o)

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  1. LOL.. your sizing chart makes WAY more sense than the ones in the store! I think you have something there.


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