Monday, October 3, 2005

Another use for: Stow & Go Seating

Apparently the salesmen don't tell you THIS when you purchase a Honda Odyssey Mini-van...I bet they'd sell MORE mini-vans IF they did.......

H & I were walking out of a movie today, to our car in the parking lot. As we walked past a nice, silver odyssey mini-van, we noticed it was ON. Noone was in the driver or passenger seat. I thought: could someone actually have accidentally left their car running?

How odd.

H was like: what the heck?

Until.......he noticed a bobbing head & a pair of feminine feet up in the air, in the back! Thank goodness they had tinted windows because I had just walked right past the car. (another good reason to have those, too)

See.... the middle seats had been removed (apparently) & the back seats were 'stowed'. {they can fold flat in the Odyssey}
I didn't believe him @ first but when he pointed out the motion of the van, I knew it must be true. H thought it was a bit 'indiscreet'.

I was happy that some parents (obviously, they were in a mini-van!) were making time for themselves. Good for them. time though, you might want to choose a less populated parking lot. I don't know, just a thought. ;o)

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