Friday, November 4, 2005

God doesn't need ME!

The past few weeks I have been 'helping/ministering', whatever you want to call it, to a homeless couple. H wasn't particularly supportive of my efforts. He 'let me' do it though.

Last week we actually got into an arguement over it & he wanted me to discontinue my efforts. I strongly disagreed w/ him & struggled to submit. Although begrudgingly, I did as he wanted. I began to reflect on the situation from his point of view & step back emotionally from the situation.

I was very concerned for the couple but I began to see how emotionally attached I had become. TOO attached. I submitted to H wishes, although I was still very concerned for their well-being. The female half of the couple is about 5 months pg.

Well, she knocked @ the door yesterday to see if we had any recycleables. I gave her what I had but did not invite her in or offer much conversation. I have been sick anyways & let her know. She looked happy & excited. She told me that the day before, a guy had pulled up to them, while they were recycling, & said that the Lord put it on his heart to give this to them, & he proceeded to give them some cash. When they unfolded it later they realized it was $100.

They stayed in a motel & were able to get cleaned up that night. Then another guy was kinda staring @ her & driving by & finally stopped. She asked him what he wanted & he said he was concerned because he noticed she was pregnant & wanted to make sure she had eaten, he also gave them some $$$ to get something to eat.

I was blessed that she shared this w/ me because it confirmed that to me that I did the RIGHT thing by submitting to H in this area. It reminded me that MY job is to submit to H & God will bless that. God can do HIS job & HIS will w/o ME! lol HE will provide when He wants too...He does not need ME to do it for him. Especially if it means for me to dishonor my H. :o)

By me stepping back, God was able to allow someone else to minister to this couple in the name of Jesus, even.

It also challenged my faith. If *I* was not helping them...did I have faith that God would? This incident confirmed that God will have HIS will be done, regardless if it invovles me or not. IT wasn't about *me*...but I had made it that way.

By me stepping back, I was also stepping out in faith that GOD would provide for their needs even if *I* wasn't.

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