Monday, November 14, 2005

Suckers & Scissors

Just when you thought it was safe to stop reading!

The littles were having their daily dose of their sugar FIX.....when suddenly, S's sucker 'mysteriously' became entangled in L's long hair! I saw him running around all of a sudden w/ his personal scissors, armed & ready to go. I'm like: WHAT are you doing w/ those scissors? 'Well, L has my sucker!' Ok, don't worry, I will get it out!

In the meantime, I led L into the restroom to wash the sucker out of her hair & advised them that there will be NO more wrestling while in the process of sucking on suckers!

As I started rinsing her hair...I noticed a thin sliver fall out----a CUTTING of her hair, precisely from the exact center back of her head. Good thing it was only a thin slice. YOU CUT L'S HAIR? I asked S. Yah, he responded sheepishly. Oh well, I shrugged. Nothing I could do about it now right?

I go to brush her hair & as I brush.....CHUNKS of hair begin falling out! :O !!!!!!!

So now there is a chunk, in the exact center of the back of her head, CUT off! We reminded S that he is NOT to cut his sister's hair EVER! WHY did he do it? To remove his sucker of course!

So I did what any mom would do...or maybe it's just ME? I took the wad of hair & taped it to an index card, recording for all eternity, the date & explanation of L's "first haircut":(

Ironically, the other day some friends & family were just commenting on how long L's hair was getting & I responded that it had never been cut yet. lol

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  1. That's definitely the stuff that good memories are made of. Good for you for writing it down and saving it! I even find my scrapbooking self sometimes saying, "Hold on...let me snap a picture...this will make a GREAT page!" Now my kids just roll their eyes when they hear that!!


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