Wednesday, November 23, 2005


SAW it! LOVED it!
I do not 'recommend' movies so don't mistake this for a 'recomendation'....
I already knew the plot & everything because I saw it on stage. I love what they did w/ the movie. Except Mimi's scene @ work, too gratuitist. Cheap. Otherwise, the rest was pretty right on. Maureen---hilarious. The character you just love to hate. She played it quite well.
I can't wait to see it AGAIN!
Go ahead---call it my 'guilty pleasure'.
AND it was FUN to sing along.
I had the music video in this post...but w/ the trailer on the same page...(previous post)...well then you have 2 different songs going on @ once. lol Not that slick! SO I had to nix it.

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