Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Lights Revenge

I've figured it matter HOW you put away those Christmas lights last year, when you pull them out, they WILL be tangled. I thought if I wound them up just right, I could avoid the Christmas Light Tangle Tango. No go.

I even bought brand new soon as I pulled them out of the box, they tangled themselves in 2 seconds flat. Right out of the box! I swear! I guess it's their revenge, for us leaving their little icicle light friends on the roof all year.......

How to do you occupy a 5 & 2 yo for an hour?....just drag out a box of Christmas decorations & let THEM have @ it. I have ornaments hanging on every capable hook in the house. Including but not limited too....the bathroom, the bedroom soccer ball hook, the key holder, doorknobs ect. And many cozily lined up along the piano & the top of the entertainment center.

I don't mind one bit. I've never been one to have a themed tree or color coordinated ornaments. I LOVE letting the ktbunch help me decorate. I love reliving every Christmas memory past of each & every hand-made crinkled doily paper angel ornament, faded polaroids glued onto tin juice lids, & other sentimental items that I strung a ribbon on & dubbed it an 'ornament', like oldest's pacifier or the cork of H & I's first anniversary bottle of sparkling cider.

.....I have a 'pair' of wooden reindeer shelf sitters, decked out in thier Christmas best. L asks me...."Why are those cows wearing clothes?" lol

We put up a few strings of lights. I thought it would help H feel 'festive' when he gets home tonight after his very long day @ work. It would probably work too...if all the laundry was off the couch! :o)

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