Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Riding a bike in a skirt

I read that there are ladies that wear dresses & skirts all the time, every day. Never pants or shorts.
I wondered HOW they ride bikes in a SKIRT? I read that it could be done but I sure don't know how. I know the Wicked Witch of the East did when she was dognapping Toto & I think Mary Poppins might have. But's not something I've ever seen nor thought of trying. Seems too impractical.

Anyhoo....when we took our weekly bike ride to the mall, I decided to try it. I found some work-out, fitted shorts of mine but they seemed too fitted to be worn out in public & I was going to take a skirt w/ me to change into once I got to the mall anyway. So I decided just to wear the skirt over my shorts on my ride.

Everything was ok @ first. But @ one point, I guess I was going a bit too fast & my skirt kinda started billowing up. :O I tried to tuck it under me better or into my shorts but it was not working. I thought: ok *I* know I have shorts on under this skirt but noone else knows that...they're only going to see a woman riding a bike w/ her skirt blowing up. And it's not going to be 'Marilyn Monroe cute' either!

Good thing the ride is not that long. I won't be trying THAT again any time soon. I think women who wear skirts & dresses, ALL the not ride bikes!

It was the day after Halloween & we were all a bit tired & still strung out on the sugary high of it all when we took this bike ride. Plus I hadn't ridden in over a week since the garage door openner had been lost. So when I came to the 'big hill' I reminded the ktbunch to cheer me on, on the way UP.

They half heartedly gave out a few woohoo's & yay mom's but I felt them trying to help by rocking the trailer. I told them to stop a few times because it really wasn't helping & was more of a hindrance. Finally after the 3rd time lil E informs me that they are NOT rocking the trailer. ??? I was puzzled until he calmly followed it w/.....'the trailer has come unhooked'.

Good thing it has that emergency hook. It really works! Imagine? We were going UPhill...those little tykes would have had a wild ride back DOWN the hill!

When I relayed this story to a 'friend' she said: 'the police would have been asking them: what does your mom look like? & they would have said: I don't know but she she was riding a bike w/ her skirt flying up!'

It was funnier in person! ;o)

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  1. HAHAHA!!!!!
    That is a really funny picture, KT!


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