Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Secrets

Is it hard for ANYONE else to keep thier Christmas gifts a SECRET?

I can barely wait. I am crochetting quite a few gifts (I hope) but particularly for my ktbunch. They personally chose yarn months ago & I never got around to starting their projects. I thought Christmas is as good a time as any. lol

I've already finished a scarf & started a hat in camouflage colored, variegated yarn for 5 yo. I kinda hid it in my crochet bag....but he saw it when someone knocked it over. His face LIT up & he was so excited. I started to playfully tell him that I was trying to surprise him BUT quick thinking big brother saved it when he reminded us that that was for 5yo COUSIN, NOT him. lol

But it was sad to see his face drop. I wanted to just give it to him right then & there. It's been especially cold lately so I have to hold myself back from giving it to him to wear. He's been pilfering big brother's scarf for weeks now, every chance he gets. lol

oops! I was about to report on DH gift...but I'm not sure if he reads this or I will refrain just in case.

See there I go again...almost spilling the beans! lolololol

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