Thursday, December 15, 2005

I love THAT guy!

After I dropped DH off @ work, I headed on over to my friends house to pick up 'the tree'. Went home, cleaned up extra nice, rearranged a few things to make room for it...then oldest DS & I brought it in & set it up.

There was a brief attempt to hand saw the trunk so it could absorb more water & last longer..but like I was a 'brief attempt'. lol We moved the ficus out onto the porch, decorated the new one. It is gorgeous. I think it's the biggest (certainly the fluffiest) tree we've ever had.

When God comes through, He REALLY comes through. ya know? I thought all day about how minute a tree is in the BIG scheme of things but STILL God found it important because it was important to US. Something so little & silly really, but GOD cared because it was important to us, to H. kwim?

H ended up working late, again...but that was ok. I made a yummiliscious warm dinner, homemade soup, fresh bread, made everything look nice, clean & cozy & waited up for him to call me to go pick him up.

He called & I got ready to go....I told Ds I'd be right back & opened the front door.

GASP! ONLY to see DH standing RIGHT THERE!

Apparently, he thought it would be funny to startle me! And I'm sure it was, AFTER tossing my purse @ him! lol

He had gotten a ride home from a co-worker! I was so startled my chest physically hurt! lol I wasn't mad or anything but he deserved that sock in the arm........... really.

He laughingly walked in & gave me a hug......then noticed the tree. What a huge grin!

But it wasn't as much of a surprise as HE was. lolololololol :o) :o) :o)

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