Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Drama King!

My 5yo ds has always been very OPEN & upfront about his emotions. He represses NOTHING! It can be trying @ times but I've come to appreciate it...along w/ the realization that he WON'T be the one who suddenly 'cracks' one day & kills me in my sleep or something. kwim?

His latest phrase of his, that has been ringing through my ears is: "Everybody hates ME!" accompanied by giant sized crocodile tears. I normally respond w/ an adult sized dose of rationale & logic....such as: Nobody HATES you..."YES! L HATES me! She is being mean at me!" She doesn't hate you. "Everybody hates me!" I hate you? "No."
Ok then, see? not everybody hates you. Take a few deep breathes & go play.

I guess it sunk in because the next day....He comes to me all upset again w/ the crocodile tears flowing, "ONE person hates me! Not everybody but ONE person hates me!" :o$

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