Tuesday, December 6, 2005

With everything that is WRONG in the world.....

I just HAD to focus on a few (or more) things that are RIGHT, in my world right now....

(not in any particular order)

My H is a GOOD worker. (rarely misses a day)

H is willing to work long hours if need be.

H is a pretty admirable guy.H & I are pretty great together.

I am pretty funny.

My children love me & my stb13yo ds is NOT embarrassed to give me a kiss in PUBLIC!

My ktbunch is pretty darn great.

I live in a state that I can ride my bike almost ANY time of the year.

I have a bike w/ a cool kiddie trailer.

I am healthy enough to ride it regularly.

We pay CHEAP rent.

We live in a pretty nice home for the CHEAP rent we pay.

We have food in our cabinents.

We have a working heater.

We have clothes to keep us warm when I choose NOT to use the heater.

I have a working washer & dryer. (many years w/ either/or not working)I've got a clothesline & warm weather for when I don't.

Both my parents & in-laws have been married to the SAME person forever.

Our family has a great sense of humor.

I have Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

We attend a great church.We live in America.

We can CHOOSE to homeschool....or not.

I have a basket FULL of yarn to crochet.

My grandma taught me to sew.

My children know thier great-grandma & understand that she might not know them sometimes.

Our family LIKES to be together.

I am married to a 'Mr. Visionary'. (I've always loved roller-coasters. )

Whew! I could go ON & ON!

What else is RIGHT in your world?

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