Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I recently saw this movie. It kinda poses the question of possession vs. mental illness. Is possession REALLY just mental illness OR is mental illness REALLY possession? Well it posed the question TO ME.

The movie is supposedly based on a true story....this devout Catholic girl goes away to college & then develops either some sort of mental illness OR is possessed.

Now since it IS based on a true story & I haven't done the research to know HOW loosely or tightly based it is....I wonder then....I have been taught & always believed that if you are 'saved' you cannot be 'possessed' was this girl possessed & tortured & now she is in HELL? OR can you be saved AND possessed?

It certainly seemed that SHE believed in God & thought she was going to was she deceived? Was she really not saved?

It seems the emphasis of the movie was to get people to 'believe in demons'....ok...well WHY? Is it so that if you believe in demons then you will believe in God? Then why not just show people God. kwim? Does God really need to reveal himself to us through demonic activites?

What is the point then? And if you really can't be possessed if you are 'aved' then was that girls torture in vain?

OR was she really just suffereing from mental illness? Or is it BOTH? Is mental illness a form of spiritual oppression? Ten if you read yoru Bible daily can you avoid mental illness?

Are some people just more susceptible to 'this type of thing'? If so then why? The movie seeme dto put the emphasis ont eh demonic powers & realm MORE than the story was NOT told to get to people to see God. But then IF you believe in Demons than are you convinced that there is a God? Seems like a long way to go about it.

And this brings up something else I have been wondering about. ghosts. I don't believe ghosts exist, @ least not in the sense that most think of them. I believe they are demons taking on a ghostly manifestation, to distract us from 'truth'...that is God. ok, then...but if you see a 'ghostly' figure or apparatiion & it is not communicating w/ you or appearing to get your attention....what is the point? Will a demon just show itself but for no apparent reason?

I really want to know these answers. Especially about the possession thing...because if what I have been taught is wrong...then maybe there are other things that I have been taught that are wrong as well. kwim?

I will not lose faith over it...but I do not want to be misled

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