Tuesday, December 27, 2005

saw the movie

Totally LOVED it. I thought it was an excellent movie. We took the ktbunch. We got some movie gift cards for Christmas, so we went. We wanted to see the 6:15 showing...but when we arrived, it was sold out. So we bought the 7pm show tickets...they let us right in & we took potty breaks then went to find the theatre. The one it would be in ...well it was STILL showing the 3:45 show. I guess the movie was pretty long then...but it seemed about right...2 hours. We were there early.

So we went to the 6:15 showing theater anyway, to see if there were any seats...there were TONS. So I don't know why they said it was sold out. It was a small theater though. There were lots of children in the audience & I HATE that. I was leary & hoped they wouldn't be a disturbance. I know I had mine w/ me but I am biased, I admit it.

Well, go figure, there was no interuptions from children, the rude ones were some 'adults' sitting in front of us. They were talking the whole time & then took a call on thier cell phone. The previews even flash out a polite warning about turning your cells off. Another movie goer got mad & cussed @ them & told them to shut thier phone off (using different words) & then they cursed back @ them, back & forth for a minute. But it was ok.

I have not read the book in years but I think that actually made the movie experience better. Only one part that I thought was a bit lacking: when the children meet Aslan, I thought there should have been more 'awe', it seemed cut kinda short.

The actors were great. The battle scenes were good but not bloody, which was nice since so many children will probably be seeing this movie. They were still full of action though. I hope they make all the others.

Now that we've seen the movie, we will read the book together & fill in the blanks & get a fuller, richer experience. I was hoping the ktbunch would read the book first THEN see the movie but I'm glad it didn't work out that way. So many are disappointed when they read a book THEN see a movie, so many details left out. I think it's better to see the movie then read the book so you can get all the questions that the movie raised, answered.

I bet English teachers everywhere are SO excited & pleased w/ Hollywood lately. W/ the Lord of the Rings trilogy & now Narnia......... ;o)


  1. I LOVED this movie, too!!! Glad to know that your "bunch" enjoyed it. I actually want to go for a second round.

  2. I FINALLY got to see this...I was supposed to go with the kids on at field trip, but had a sick baby and babysitter, so I went the other day with some friends. It was delightful, and the imagry of the movie struck me so powerfully! Sooz, I'd go with you, LOL...but we might have to land in the same time zone for more than at day or two at a time, LOL!


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