Friday, December 23, 2005

Mission: 'Perfect Gift'

I never buy the 'perfect gift'. I gave up years ago expecting it either. I normally don't even attempt to find it. I honestly just don't believe it exists.

That is, until last Sunday.

A little background: my 2 sons are Lego Maniacs! Really. The oldest (13 next month) has gone to Lego Land 1 time, when ds #2 was a baby. He has asked to go again many, many times & obsessively more the last 6 mos. They own a very TALL plastic storage container w/ about 13 drawers & it is FILLED w/ Legos.

On Sunday I was visiting w/ a friend & she informed me that Lego had a 50th anniversary bucket out right now for about $9.99 & it INCLUDED a FREE child's admission ticket to Lego Land! I couldn't believe my ears. I knew right then & there that the 'perfect gift' truly existed! And that it would be my mission, my quest, to find & obtain 3 of these buckets, in time for Christmas.

Thus began my search. I eagerly hoped I was NOT too late.

Of course my mission was not w/o challenges & obstacles. I first had to wait for pay day, which wasn't until Tuesday. However H worked very late & was not able to bring home the bacon, officially, until Wednesday. I went to one store, w/ the ktbunch in tow, NOTHING, then it was time for church.

After church....@ a bit before 10:00 pm, my quest began. I headed on over to Toys R Us because there is a Target across the street. They only had the Duplo buckets for the younger ages but no Lego buckets in site! & boy was it PACKED! I guess everyone else had the same idea I did, that we'd avoid the rush by shopping late. NOT!

I headed across to Target...again nothing! I knew of a couple more Targets I could reach. But I also knew this mission would require 'back-up'. I needed reinforcements. I called my brother to request assistance. He headed on over to another Target while I drove to a different one @ the same time. Thank goodness for cell phones.

We both hit a dead end! AND Target was closing rather early, I thought, for it being Christmas time & all. What happened to extra holiday hours? 10:00 pm! Oh! How scroogish!

There was a Walmart right down the street so I stopped quickly @ that one---closed! I was beginning to get discouraged.

I quickly remembered ONE last place that I was SURE had to be open later than 10pm! hmph! K-MART! It was open till MIDNIGHT! (can you hear the chorus sing: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!)

Ahhhh....There was hardly anyone there. I rushed to the toy aisle.......there was ONE large $19.99 bucket w/ a GOLD lid! I couldn't contain the gasp as I dived for the LAST bucket just sitting there on the shelf. I could hardly contain my joy & enthusiasm.

But I needed @ least 3! 3 buckets w/ 3 tickets for 3 kidbits! I looked high & low, maybe someone had misplaced it. I looked through the carts filled w/ go-backs. Charlie, when he had given up hope & unexpectedly found the LAST golden ticket...I spotted, up on the very top shelf, behind a giant bag of mega-bloks, I could barely make out, the GOLDEN lid of a Duplo bucket!

And it was stacked upon another bucket w/ a golden lid, of LEGOS! Although I was sure noone else was searching for it, I kept my enthusiasm to myself. I quietly asked a worker if they could retrieve the buckets for me.

I could not get them in my hands quick enough or hold them tight enough. I found a cart & put in my treasures. I wandered a bit in my glee, willing to spend more to show K-mart my gratitude & thankfulness for staying open late! Ahhh! The world was now @ peace.

I headed on over to the check-out stand & didn't even mind waiting the 6 minutes in line. I was giddy w/ joy!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! BAM! Like a head on collision while talking on your cell phone & you're running late!

I realized that the largest bucket had already been opened. Do I risk putting it back & not finding another one OR do I risk buying it & having pieces missing? what to do? what to do!

I decided to put it back & hope for the best.

My friend was taking a trip to Lego Land the next day so she was my last hope to find another bucket while she was there.

I awoke this morning to a disheartening luck!

I was determined to FIND that bucket. I had to. The 'perfect gift' had been within my grasp, I would NOT let it go!

I needed to run a few errands. I delivered a package to a friend & asked her if there was a Toys R Us in her neighborhood....not too close...what about a Target? There was one, not too hard to find. Well, except for the traffic of all the other shoppers heading that way.

I had the ktbunch w/ me so I told the 'Christmas Lie' & informed them that we were NOT shopping for them but rather for their 'cousins'. I'm sure my oldest knows better...but oh well.

We headed straight for the toy department....I knew exactly where to look, in the big kids toy section---NOTHING! W/ a sigh, I decided I'd just have to buy more of the baby Duplo bricks, even though we have too many & the ktbunch has really outgrown them, the price is worth the free ticket......

Then on a random aisle, right there, on the bottom shelf...NOT ONLY were there 2 golden lidded buckets, a Duplo AND Lego----they were on CLEARANCE! They were the larger buckets but instead of the original $19.99 price, they were ONLY $13.98! I wanted to cry as I said, PRAISE THE LORD!

I only grabbed the Lego bucket since I already had that smaller Duplo bucket @ home!

Mission: 'Perfect Gift'---ACCOMPLISHED! :o)

It's gonna be one Very Merry Christmas!

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