Saturday, January 7, 2006

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Our garage door opener has been lost (again) for about a week or so now. Which means I can't run any errands unless I walk, which takes much longer than riding & it limits what we can carry & the littles can't walk that fast nor that far. So see how limited we are?

I am perfectly healthy otherwise & have no excuse but I guess I've become a 'walking snob' because I'd rather NOT walk when I am so used to riding our bikes. Which is kinda funny because I remember when I used to have no problem walking everywhere before I got my bike. lol (but we did walk to Big Lots anyway today because I needed something & figured it was safer for my budget to go there w/ their limited selection than go to Target & get distracted by lots of tantalizing items I don't need. lol)

Ds spent the night @ the grands & was getting dropped back off here @ home by my SIL. I asked if she could run me to the store real quick for some much needed groceries. On our way there we saw some piece of wood furniture on a curb. She pointed it out to me & asked if I wanted to check it out. I said, SURE! (I love curb shopping! lol)

At first I thought it was an entertainment center, which I would have loved to get. It turned out to be a desk. BUT a very nice desk. We saw the residents right there in their garage & asked if they were getting rid of the desk. They said yah, you want it? SURE! :o)

It looked practically brand new. Turns out it was part of a bunk bed set but their children had seperated the beds & now had seperate rooms so they no longer needed the desk portion. We tried to fit it into SIL Element, she was sure it would fit. It didn't. lol

The guy asked where we lived, we told him just @ the other end of the block. He offered to drive it over for us in his truck! woohoo! We turned around & dropped it off then headed back out to the grocery. I'm a pretty good shopper so we were in & out in my usual hour.

I thanked her & after she left, dc & I began rearranging to make room for the desk. I thought I would replace the other one but younger ds said he wanted it to be HIS desk. He claimed the older one as his own & oldest moved his computer to the new one. As we were moving the older desk...what do I spot under it?

The garage door opener!

Yes, that is a GOOD day! :o)

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