Sunday, January 8, 2006

Meet the Ktbunch....

'The Super Couple'

Our Christmas Pic
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The KtBunch

**Ok, I am not sure how long I will leave these up here...but for now...(I'm caving to the PEER pressure)...for my E-Friends...:o)**

I have done enough 'in studio' pix & am never quite satisfied w/ the poses or quality, to be honest. Never mind the PRICES! lol So for the past few years...I/we (dh & I) have tried to be a bit more creative w/ our Christmas pix. For example LAST year...instead of taking pix W/ Santa...we dressed the ktbunch up real cute w/ santa hats & such & took pix @ the mall BEHIND Santa! lol The background was a cute picket fence & colorful props. Call it ghetto but we got he perfect pix minus the outrageous price, took them home, uploaded them from our digi-cam & printed them ourselves.

This year...I kept an eye out for public 'backgrounds' such as parks & what not. I found this great 'background' in H parent's city. It is a little spot, on the corner of a main street. It is near the ice rink & is actually a tribute to the Zamboni...which is what that city is 'famous' for. It's called 'The Pond' but there is no actual water. Instead it is a tiled ground to look like water, a frozen pond to be exact. It has wintery trees & plants, cozy wooden & stone benches, a small bridge over the 'water' & statues of children ice-skating on the pond & a miniature Zamboni, of course. It was extra decorated for the Christmas season w/ mock gifts & lots of lights. They even had carollers one night but I forgot about it. :(

We dressed & loaded up the ktbunch & started snapping pix. We took a gazillion, went home & uploaded them to our yahoo album. From there you can choose a 'border', then upload the pix to Target & they were ready to pick up in a hour! It was SO easy & so cost effective! I was VERY pleased. I just LOVED the one of H & I. Ds took it & got it perfect w/ ONE snap! :o)


  1. Oh my goodness...I can't believe you guys look awesome!!! And what's a little peer pressure between "e-friends"????

  2. See - it doesn't feel soooo bad to cave in to that dreaded peer pressure, does it? ;o)

    BEAUTIFUL family! You're silly for not wanting to show this group off!

  3. BTW - you would look great with my short haircut! Go for it! (Since you like it so much!)

  4. I had that hair cut/style's growing out from that. lol I can't afford to keep it IN style when I have it, but I DID love it. :o)

  5. Yeah - I'm growing mine out too right now! hehe It does take maintenance but it's so easy to fix! Oh the drama!

  6. That's way too easy!!! Why didn't I think of that??

    I like your family pix. You have a nice looking family.


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