Sunday, January 29, 2006

Look what I got!

Seriously---you know you're jealous! lol ;)

My brother got it & gave it to me & DH. No reason---came w/ 35 games, INCLUDING: Pacman, Qbert, Asteroids, ET! lol & tons of other games.

I don't even know WHY I am so excited---but I TOTALLY am!

He got it off E-bay!

I can't even play it yet because he forgot the adapter wires, @ home, to hook it up----bummer---but I can't wait. OH! I think I'll NOW have something else to distract me from everyday life. If you don't see me on here'll know where I am----running from some ghosts & eating digital fruit!

I know it's not the OG atari---& NES is STILL my absolute FAV & I'm still slightly bitter over H selling it @ a yard sale...but this is a nice consolation. ;)


  1. Now THAT'S a blast from the past!!! Enjoy! ;-)

  2. Oh I am so jealous!!!!! ;o)
    We have the cheap Walmart joystick that has pacman, galaga and other games on it! We love taking a trip down memory lane and playing those games. . . . Have fun!


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