Sunday, January 1, 2006

Who else just staggered in from a night of clubbing?

Just got in from pulling an ALL nighter @ the local disco teque. Danced & partied the night away. I don't even think I REMEMBER New Year's Eve!

HAHAHAHAHAH! Just kidding! My ktbunch is STILL sleeping though & it's AFTER 10am! I have them trained well.

We spent a fun evening w/ friends/neighbors. H was working but he managed to get out a bit early. A few games, celery sticks, yummy meatballs, blueberry muffins, relaxing conversation & LOTS of confetti! {quite a mix hanh?}

The ktbunch were great, I thought. {as were the zandi bunch} I am really glad that the ktbunch is trained to sleep in. As other Christmas revelers complained of children awakenings as early as 4:15 AM....mine were in snoozeland till 10 am. Good time for H & I to get some rare snuggle ALONE time. ;o)

We usually are 'forced' to cuddle w/ our adorable littles who wake us up every morning by climbing into bed w/ us w/ their tiny cold feet & hands & then once they have us comprehensively AWAKE, they fall back to sleep. lol

H works such UNtraditional hours that it's NOT unusual for the ktbunch to stay up as late as 11pm or even midnight. The midnight bedtime has really only been within the last 2 holiday weeks. Now it's time to get back on track.....9pm works for me...closer to 10 or 11 works better for daddy so he can spend some time w/ the ktbunch too. I don't mind.

Another great reason WHY we 'homeschool'.


Hope you make LOTS of new FRIENDS, NOT aquaintances. :o) :o) :o)

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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours as well! I've added your blog to my blogspot! I really enjoy all of them (wow - how do you have time to keep up with so many different blogs?) ;o)


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