Sunday, January 1, 2006

Before you put away those Christmas lights...

....& mistletoe...

VALENTINE'S is RIGHT around the corner. NOW is an EXCELLENT time to stock up on some 'colors' of the season for romantic decorating & mood lighting for your love nest (aka: bedroom).

You can get some red & clear holiday lights & arrange them around your headboard or bedroom windows for some instant romatic lighting. Lots of red, white & even pink, decorations on clearance right now that you can re-use for your Valentine decorating.

Not to mention all the goodies & gift sets on clearance. You can find outrageous deals on bath sets. Take it apart & make a romantic personalized gift set out of it.

How many H really LIKE bath sets? All they see it as is SOAP? Buuuuuttt....if that gift set is accompanied by a romantic love coupon or a sexy note stating you will ACCOMPANY him in a relaxing bubble bath...then I think he might enjoy getting 'lathered' up don't you? lol

OR how 'bout a nice & cozy new robe and/or slippers? W/ a promise to come to bed wearing ONLY those. ;)

Start planning NOW. You've got plenty of time to learn, practice & prepare for a night of strip-teasing.

Resolve to make THIS Valentine's one of the first, of many, memorable moments of this New Year.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. :-) The strip tease sounds fun. What about some stockings, heels and nothing else??


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