Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Balemtimes Day!

That's how my littles pronounce it! It's so cute.

Dh was working late so it was just me & the ktbunch. We spent the morning exchanging Balemtime's w/ our mom's group. All the littles sat @ the kids tables & passed out their goodies to each other. My favorite part was when S was sitting there & he had his Balemtimes box in front of him & he said: "This is SO exciting!" w/ a sincere grin of awe & wonder on his face.

Us mom's exchanged lovley items too. One friend gave everyone a lotion from Victoria's Secret, another: a personal box of See's Candies Chocolates, & one gave a Victoria Secret lip gloss! I LOVE lip gloss! (& it's yummy)

I tried something new. I crocheted a bookmark for each lady. It was a red heart, trimmed in white, w/ a long white 'tail'. (I will post a pic later in ktz krochet) They were cute. It was nice. I also made scones, I hadn't done that before either & they were absolutley delish! I think they might be my new favorite thing, more than my bluebery muffins. lol To go w/ the theme of things, they were cranberry scones, of course! I also made marshmallows, dipped in pink white chocolate, w/ Valentine themed sprinkles. (for mommies only) We gave the kiddies: Balemtimes cups, stickers, licorice pieces & Lisa Frank pencils, the ones w/ the giant themed erasers on top. I love those! Later some friends/neighbors sent over delish oatmeal raisin cookies too.

That morning, before he left for work, H presented me w/ a gorgeous, deep red colored vase of flowers. Beautiful. I bought my DH 4 Valentines cards...I couldn't pick just one! I still have 3 more to give him. ;) We had bought our Valentine gift the week before anyway....a NEW entertainment center. We'd never had a new one & the one we had was just so depressing looking & falling apart. This one is gorgeous & looks very nice. It encourages me to keep the living room looking nice too.

I figured the best way to end the night was to eat some of my delish chocolate, crochet some more & watch Moulin Rouge! I was quite disappointed that I could NOT find it! aarrghh!

But this morning, H was nice enough to wake up EARLY w/ me & head to Target to scope out all the Balemtimes on clearance! I wasn't able to get my ktbunch anything earlier, cause everytime I was shopping---they were w/ me! So we loaded up w/ adorable soft & cuddly stuffed animals...ok, well only ONE really. For 5.5 yo ds, it's a white & red puppy dog w/ a bone in it's mouth that says, 'I Wuff You'! I knew he would just love it & a special Valentines Care Bear & Valentine My Little Pony for dd. Then for oldest ds, they didn't have the Star Wars Valentine tin anymore, so we got him a new little lego set & #2 ds too. Oh & some Valentine gum...they love gum!

I got a Valentine string of lights, a set of cookie cutters & I couldn't forget the giant bag of P-nut M&M's that was only $1.39! & I also snagged a couple Valentine Scrap book kits, either to save as gifts or keep.

I just LOVE being in love! <3<3<3

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