Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh! Good Grief!!!

When we first got our DSL, something happened & we could get online but the phone suddenly stopped working, there was only a buzzing sound. Friday morning the phone was fine, when I got home later, it was only buzzing but our internet access was still working.

I didn't feel like dealing w/ it, I have a cell so I put off calling until Sunday. They gave me an appointment between 8am-12pm for a 'phone guy' to show up on Monday.

Promptly & early I get a knock on my door. The guy needs to check the phone, ie: listen to the sound it's making & then try & figure it out. I'm creeped out that I have to let a male stranger into my home & I'm in mismatched PJ's?

Soon enough the phone is fixed...I had a fleeting thought that I should make sure the DSL connection was ok, but I fuigured he knew what he was doing. He gave me a reciept w/ his cell # on it & instructions to call him directly if we had any problems.

I turn on the 'puter...sure enough NO connection! AArrgghh! I call his cell #---DISCONNECTED! Can you believe that? So I call the phone company....I am stuck in an automated maze of a nightmare. Finally the computer generated voice recognizes my request but says that FIRST I must pay my bill. Now I am in NO mood to pay my bill since my service is not even working. I finally get a live person, in the 'collections' department.

He asks me if I would like to pay my bill today & I responded curtly, NO! I want my line fixed! I explained the sitch & he transfered me to the responsible party. That guy informed me that the # they had for the technician was different so they would call him & have him call me back.

No call, so I called again, again I was stuck in the automated maze so I hung up. Called back, called the DSL # directly, they would send a tech out on Tues....the next day! Between 12pm-4pm. So I'm spendign Valentine's waiting for the 'dsl guy'.

He finally shows up, a little too chipper for my tastes. Extra freindly even, did I mention how I HATE having creepy male strangers in my HOUSE? This guy has to even come in my bedroom cause that is where the internet connection is. He was nice & all but...heebie jeebies! I explain the situation. I know it's not an 'inside wiring' problem, cause it was fine the other day AND cause it is the same problem we had when we first got the dsl!

He then checks the outside box...yep, it's not MY problem...that's the good news. The bad news is that it's a 'phone line' problem. He's only a 'dsl guy' not a 'phone guy' & only the 'phone guys' are allowed to work on phone problems. So I have to wait for a 'phone guy' to come back THE NEXT DAY to fix it.

{sigh} I checked it this morning....woohoo! Back online! But you'd be amazed how MUCH I got done these past few days.....hhhmmmm...I wonder why? ;o)


  1. Ugh...sounds like a tune I have played before!!! Hopefully all is well now. :-)

  2. Yeah - I hear ya, girl. . . these 'puters sometimes keep us from other things if we aren't careful! ;o)


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