Friday, February 10, 2006

Kooking w/ Kt

So...after all these years, you'd think I'd know more by now. I do know a bit about cooking, but it is my 'weakness' & baking is really my specialty...cause you know, everyone loves dessert! :o)

But I've determined to cook dinner EVERY night this week.
Last night was night 1. I bought some chicken & this 'seasoning mix' comes w/ a plastic bag to put it all in together.

It sounded easy enough & hey, easy clean-up too, right? So first thing, I tear open the packet, only the bag was on the 'other side' of the packet so some seasoning flew out. eerrgghh. There should be a notice on the package so you know which end to open first.

So I put all the chicken in the bag, which wasn't too easy...cause I don't want to touch it or anything...that's just eeewwee! So I somehow get it all in there, toss in the seasoning, then the potatoes, as suggested. I couldn't tell from reading the directions if the vegetables were supposed to go IN the bag or just IN the dish next to the bag, but I think you're supposed to add the chicken, lay it in the pan & then toss the taters on top of the chicken in the bag...somehow...but too late for that.

Trying to lay it all flat in the baking dish was not that easy. I tried to moosh & smoosh it down as best as I could. Also I had a heck of a time getting all the seasoning evenly distributed. Oh! I forgot the greenbeans. (the package suggested potatoes & greenbeans & that is exactly what I had) I grabbed some I had frozen the freezer & plopped them in there too.

It also advised making 4 slits in the bag to allow for it to 'expand'. do you make a slit? So my slits were more like big 'holes'...but whatever.

Then it said to bake for about 20-30 I started it to be done around the time Dh would be getting home. The timer went off & he called that he would be working late. Good, since it wasn't done. The green beans were still frozen in the center of the dish. A half hour later than it should've been done....I don't know what was wrong.

It was finally finished, I served it on a bed of white rice, @ least that came out better than normal. It wasn't nearly as tasty as I hoped. Noone ate the green beans. I LOVE green beans, I don't know what their problem is. Half of the potatoes were only half baked.

I was going to make some pasta w/ Italian sausage tonight, but I forgot to set it out this morning from the freezer. I am a bit leary of cooking that, I never have before & it looks gross. But I know it tastes good cause my friend made it before & it was yummyliscious! :o)

Not to be discouraged...I grabbed the frozen pizza from the fridge & baked that tonight. Hey, I put it in myself, that counts right? ;oD


  1. You can do it!!
    The pasta dish is SUPER easy.
    You have to try "Mexican" Cornbread... WAY easy, oh and you get to bake too. :-)

  2. We might be related in this area, kt!! ;-)


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