Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hitting the Ice

Whew! Had so much to do today. Seriously.

I had a business sales meeting in the morning. Got a ride, thanks to SIL! Then we had plans to go ice skating @ the local rink w/ our Sunday night church service. We have what's called 'Connection Events' & it's an opportunity to connect w/ others & invite friends.

My ride fell through w/ that, so I loaded up the littles in the trailer & we took off on our bikes.
It was a nice ride. My brother called me as soon as I left, on my cell...he was about to arrive @ the rink. He didn't want to go in w/o he doubled back, picked up the littles, loaded the trailer into his Element & then 'stalked' ds & I all the way there. lol

Amazing how fast you can ride when you're not pulling 90 lbs behind you. lololol Whew! Talk about 'feeling the burn', I'm not used to riding so fast! lol

Finally we got there & were all skated up. 4 adults, 1 teenager, 2 three yos & 2 kindergartners....oh & a chiawawhua (sp?) puppy, sneaked in too! We met up w/ all our other friends.

Not so easy to skate w/ a 5 yo hanging on your sweater. And it's MORE of a work out going around bending over, cause you got to hold your 3.5 yo dd's hands, both of them, while she tries to 'skate' in front of you.

I'm going to look into lessons for my littles. They're not exactly cheap...but I figured if they took the lessons & actually learned to skate, then we can just keep coming back for the public skate time. kwim? lol

It was fun though. My 5.5 yo could actually go for a foot or two w/o holding on before he fell. I think we might start ice-skating more often. Tuesdays are family nights, only $5 a person! And for some reason the skating rink (or the Zamboni family themselves?) gave us AL, these cool baseball caps w/ a big Z insignia on it!

I didn't want to leave. I wanted to skate around in circles, the cool air blowing on my face forever.

I....think....I be...... a figure skater when I grow up. ;o)


  1. I can see it now..
    "Grease: On Ice" starring KT as Patty Simcox

  2. GIRL! you are cracking me UP! ROFL!

  3. HEHEHEHEHE! That's so "cool" - glad you guys had a great time.


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