Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Monster Under My Bed!

In the middle of last night...I awoke to some wierd sounds under my bed. I was sure it was a rat or mouse or something.

The mear thought of that made me cringe. It must've been chewing through boxes or building a nest or something sinister. I couldn't stnad it any longer, I woke up H. He said, there was nothing he could do about it in the middle of the night. True...but STILL!

DH even suggested that maybe it was just the dog....chewing through boxes? I don't think so. (her 'room' is right next to ours) I could NOT get back to sleep thinking about it.....& hearing it.

I kept imagining my blankets falling on the floor & the rat climbing up onto my bed & onto ME! EEEEEKKKK! I wondered if rats could climb up poles, like my bedposts & get on my bed? How long it had been here. How did it get in. How gross it was. What if it was building a nest for babies!...MORE rats! How icky, scary & every other negative word I could think of & associate w/ RATS!

OR it was a giant spider making some kind of giant web!

Some how I fell back asleep.
When I awoke, tired & groggy, this morning, I went to let the dog out.
And I SAW a styrafoam strip next to the door that goes to my room and where she was laying.

So the RAT was really the sound of the styrafoam against the door, vibrating to the dog's breathing! gggrrrr! lol ;o)

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