Friday, February 17, 2006

Biting my Nails....

The 'call-back' was tonight. I looked for a familiar face, a guy who's in our upcoming improv show, but I remembered his name & he seems friendly. He pointed out that we were supposed to 'dress the part' THIS week! Guys in jeans & white t-shirts & girls in skirts, form fitting blouses & make-up!!!

EEEEK! I looked like that LAST WEEK! He didn't know about it either! Strike ONE! They didn't tell me that when I had called in last week. I ran upstairs to the costume room & asked the costume designer/professer if she had something I could finagle in the way of a skirt. She wans't very helpful {which is quite the way I remembered her, but she is nice & I learned a lot in her class! ;o) }

Well, I noticed other girls were in jeans I wouldn't be the only one breaking the rules.

Things started out well, enough. We had to sing again, but in groups. Then in a group of 4, 2 girls & 2 guys. We sang Summer Lovin'. A girl & guy sang Danny & Sandy's part then the other 2 of us, sang the "tell me more, tell me more" part w/ the one line: "like does he have a car" & the guy sang the guy part. I sang my 'low' part a bit too high. And my 'like does he have a car' was't too nice either. Strike TWO!

Time to dance. I had been practicing ALL week. You better believe it! BUT of course it couldn't be THAT easy....they had to add 4 more turns to the end of what we learned last week. SHOOT!

This time we danced in groups of 8 & I stupidly ended up in FRONT! Can you say strike THREE!?! I was dancing so well in the wings too! :o( I know I fumbled pretty badly, forgot the turns & when I remembered was way behind on the count. I didn't even realize that I had forgotten to change my clothes & was dancing in JEANS!

There were a few 'hopeful' moments the fact that the group of ladies that danced before us...TOTALLY fell apart @ the end...they got the 'sympathy' clap! {but so did we} They didn't do ANY turns.

Finally it was time to 'read'. The director broke us into groups of girls for the opening scene. I am assuming she had us read for parts we actually wanted cause she had me read for Patty Simcox which is the part I want. I only had 3 lines to say @ the end of the scene, but I did them better than anyone else. {toot! toot!}

Later though, when she had us read again for another scene, there was a Patty Simcox part & she did NOT have me read for that scene @ all. I don't know if that meant anything or not. Like her mind was made up but she was trying to make it look fair for the other people OR if she was still deciding or WHAT! But she did have the other 2 girls (possibly 3, I can't remember exactly)that had read for Patty Simcox read again! :o(

Us girls then had to sing AGAIN! We first sang as a group, Freddy My Love, from the musical. Ok, like earlier, not too bad since we're in a group. Until...we had to sing it ONE by ONE! AND I had to go after these 2 girls who sing perfectly & will probalby be cast as Rizzo & Jan, the parts they want.

But I have to may have been my redeeming moment! It was the best singing I had done through the entire audition process. Then we were free to leave. There were ALOT of girls there...@ least 24 if not more....& only about 10-15 cuts will definatly be made.

The theater office will be closed tomorrow & Monday. The director said the cast list WILL be posted tomorrow though, in the morning. We are free to come to the school & check it out ourselves OR call in on Tuesday! Shyah right! Who's really going to wait until Tuesday?

I'm totally prepared to take that 'walk of shame' tomorrow......I don't know how I'm going to even get a wink of sleep tonight! I'm STILL nervous thinking about it! I'm on pins & needles!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am on pins and needles MUST post as soon as you know!! ;-)

  2. I can't wait to hear KT!! No matter what that list says, you should be so proud of yourself. You did something a lot of women our age would never have the guts to go do.. even if it was really wanted!!! Good for you!!!!


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