Thursday, February 9, 2006

oh yah! THIS is for susan! lol

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my FAVORITE Things

1. 17 is my absolute favorite #.

2. Valentine's is my absolute favorite 'holiday'.

3. Pink is currently my favorite color.

4. P-nut m&m's is my favorite 'treat'

5. Trail mix is my favorite snack...(or breakfast...or lunch)

6. Peppermint is my totally favorite flavor of tea.

7. Crochet is my favorite hobby.

8. Riding my bike is my favorite form of 'excercise'.

9. Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie.

10. I *think* October is my favorite month. ;o)

11. Scrubbing the bathtub/shower is {really} my favorite chore.

12. A hamburger & fries is my favorite meal.

13. In-N-Out is my favorite place to get food.

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  1. :-) How FUN!!! I loooove Peanut M&Ms! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmmm...In'NOut is one of the BEST things about being in this part of the country. When they opened here, people lined up for a block around the front door, and my East Coast family insists on a trip each visit, LOL!

    Now I'm hungry for a Single Protein Style with grilled onion, extra tomato and pickle, no sauce, ketchup and mustard....

    BTW, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for one so "Hopelessly Devoted" to get a part. I love theater!

  3. Why the #17? Very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing - I linked your 13 with mine!


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