Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Moment of Truth

Ok, so I am a GREASE freak.

Ever since elementary school, when I spent every weekend @ my grandma's house & she had a Video Disc Player & the movie choices were limited to a bunch of Elvis flicks, Grease & Zapped, I watched Grease EVERY weekend. I probably know the entire movie by heart...ok, so I DO know the whole thing.

In jr. college there was talk of doing Grease that year, but Westside Story was chosen instead. I was a "Jet". I even made my own dress/costume cause I was also in the costuming class @ the same time.

Ok fast forward....some odd years...& for the colleges 50th anniversary they are doing Grease, The Musical.

There was no doubt I was going to audition...I even finagled a few friends from church to join me...all flaked but ONE good sport.

I got the information, I knew well in advance & I did not prepare to my satisfaction enough to feel self-confident. Oh well! I dressed the part, noone else did, but I figured I needed all the help I could the fact that I am probably OVER a decade older than all the other auditioners...iykwim!

It was finally my turn to sing...ugh! I felt the nervousness take over my body as soon as I walked into the theatre...... for some reason I could not follow along w/ the pianist. I kept either starting too soon or I don't know what! It was horrible. Choked---is an accurate description. The director had me stop & stand next to the piano & do the 'scales'...which is saying ahahahahaha then the pianist hits the next note & sing you higher, then higher, then higher on & on. They were nodding their heads when I did I was doing ok. My friend said I sounded much better doing that...but THAT is what they made you do if you could NOT sing!

That part was over & I was SO embarrassed cause there were a few people in there that knew me. That could possibly work in my favor. And the fact that I only wanted to be in the ensemble anyway. I just want to be IN it.....or be Patty Simcox. :o)

Ok, that part was over, time to focus on the dancing part of the audition. It seemed that most of the auditioners there @ that time were dancers more than singers...which might also work in my favor.

I felt SO clumsy & ungraceful. aarrgghh! The moves were fast, the stage was crowded. I couldn't even see the choreographer. I was turning in wrong directions...I think. I couldn't even tell. Again, I was so embarrassed.

Finally our time to audition was up. You had to go out in groups of 5, say your name, the music starts & you do the dance. It was SO bad, that when we were done, everyone started clapping in sympathy! I KNOW it was out of sympathy, because they hadn't clapped for anyone before that time. All 5 of us, in our particular group were doing something different. It was awful! IT was nice though that the others tried to be encouraging anyway, by clapping & cheering.

I was really bummed. I left feeling really bummed. My friend was proud of herself for just going for it...even though she can't sing & cares nothing about acting. She had accomplished her goal. I was happy for her.

We told each other that if we didn't make it, it wasn't God's timing & if we did...we'd invite all these young people to church. lol I said, if I dont' make it...I will accept it as God's will BUT I will be VERY disappointed & not happy about it. Just being honest.

I told her that I had wished I didn't tell people about it so then I wouldn't have to go back & tell everyone how I choked. But then...I thought & said, well I am kind of a 'balls out' kinda person...I DO get my hopes up & if I get disappointed, I get disappointed & everyone will know it. So there ya' go. No holding back, ykwim?

I obviously wouldn't be @ the school today to see the posted call-back sheet. I needed to call in. I couldn't get through....kept getting a voice-mail. Finally I got through. I pretended I was someone calling for my friend & I, instead of calling for myself.

The girl seemed to take forever. Just get that stupid LIST! Finally...the moment of truth....there was NO kt m...there was a kRt m...I guess they spelled my name wrong & the girl was SURE it was meant to be kt m!!!!!!

My friend did not get a call-back but I knew she would actually be relieved & would not mind one bit. But it would have been fun to do it w/ her.

So I got a CALL-BACK! WOOOHOOO! Which means, that I have to audition again, sing again, dance again & then 'read' (the acting part, which they don't cover the first time). It's really to assign lead roles. I am pretty sure that means I will get in no matter what, @ least an 'ensemble' part which is all I care about ....or Patty Simcox! ;o)

No matter what happens in my life----ALL is right w/ the world today cause I got a call back for GREASE!!!!!!!

hand jive baby! It's all about the hand-jive! ;o)


  1. You Go Girl!!
    This is YOUR time to shine!
    Have fun, enjoy and know that we'll be at every showing to support you. hahhaha
    Love ya. Am so proud!

  2. That is SOOO exciting :) I know you will do great with remember/reading the lines. I always thought you had a good voice, maybe it was just nerves????
    Let me know how it goes !!!!

  3. YAY KT!!!! Way to go!!! Jim and I are going to have to have a date night so we can see your performance. YAY!!!

  4. I am laughing so hard right now because I started to read this and I am watching American Idol at the same time and this girl is singing "Hopelessly Devoted"!!!!

    I LOVE this show and know it would be so fun to do...I LOVE theater and acting!! I hope you get it...I might have to fly to CA to see it! ;-)

  5. P.S. Why not do a Thursday Thirteen of your favorite "Grease moments"??? (a "gentle" hit)

  6. Congrats, Miss Diva! Good for you! I do community theatre myself, so I know EXACTLY what you mean about nervousness, etc. But I'm proud of you!



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