Monday, February 6, 2006

Queen Bees & Wannabe's...

I believe that is the title of a book that inspired the movie Mean Girls. It is about the teen girl culture basically. I have not read it but I find the idea, fascinating.

Being @ that Winter Formal Saturday could see the social order so clearly.
Senior girls a bit catty towards the freshmen. Freshmen girls, not quite grown into their skin yet, or thier dresses. I could have sat there for hours & just watched all the interaction.

Overall, they were a good bunch of kids. They enjoyed the show. The food was good. It was a private Christian school so there was no music or dancing. Good thing we were there. lol

We did 2, one hour shows. We included them as much as possible. Personally, I wasn't very on top of my game, but was good enough. E changed things up, in the middle of the show but it worked. He is good @ knowing what will work & not w/ certain crowds.

They all looked lovely, all had beautiful dresses.

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