Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tea & Scones anyone?

I mentioned that I made scones on Valentine's & they were delish! VERY easy & simple to make.

You can find the recipe @ All** I added dried cranberries to mine & used milk instead of cream.

The ktbunch & I are enjoying them right now w/ my favorite, Peppermint Tea! ;o)
Won't you join me?

** this site is great. Since I'm not very 'big' on cooking & experimenting w/ recipes, I found this site to be wonderful. You can create your very own online recipe box to store your favorite recipes from the site. You can contribute your own to share w/ other users, as well as leave a review & rating! Although, the only one I have saved so far is the scone

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  1. I love that site. I used it a lot at Thanksgiving trying to find new ways to do "old dishes". :-)


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