Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm OVER it!


My H made a good comment, he reminded me that I was NOT the only one that did not get cast. True.

The funny thing that it FEELS like your the ONLY one was that got REJECTED!

But as soon as he said that, my logical, rational mind clicked in & I was like...'oh yah!'.

I am surrounded by sweetness....on my first trip to check out the cast list, when I returned to the car, my 5.5 yo ds said: 'Momma, I prayed for you to get it.' On my 2nd trip, before I left the car he said: 'I hope you kick some luck.' {he merged the idea of: break a leg w/ good luck. lol}

Our improv professer/ol' friend, was kind enough to ask DH how I was, knowing I didn't make it, he was concerned I would be 'heart broken'. He made sure to tell DH that he was pulling for me w/ the director....but there were so many deciding factors. Like the fact that I was not a 'student' there.

I emailed the director to thank her for the call-back & to let her know......if they still needed a 'Ms. Lynch' to look me up. (it said TBA on the cast list) It would not be my preferance...but it could still be fun. She was kind enough to respond & let me know that I was in the running & the decision was difficult.(to cast) And that she was hoping to cast a faculty memeber as Ms. Lynch but she didn't know who & if not, would keep me in mind.

While I was @ the theatre, the other night, I went to say hello to the costume professer/designer. She had a picture out from when I was in Westside Story, in the dress I designed/built & wore. I had forgotten how nice it was. I am half-way tempted to join the costuming class to help design & build costumes for Grease. I made sure to let her know how much I learned from her class & that I actually sew occasionally & have made a few clothing items.

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