Friday, March 24, 2006

Dangerous Beauty

My hair is pretty much wash-n-wear but occasionally I will blow dry the ends to curl up & outwards in an attempt to look more stylish. Well, all that came to a fiery end today.

My hair was barely damp so I went in to blow dry the ends. My blow dryer has been tempermental lately. When I move the on button to the high postion, it still turns off sometimes. Like it has a loose fuse or something.

Today it was extra cranky & I was getting quite frstrated w/ it. Off, on, off, on, off, on!
Suddenly I start to see not only my hair flying around but SMOKE! In the reflection on the bathroom mirror I also see the handle of the blow dryer turning bright red w/ a FLAME inside it.

I did not attmept to turn it off because the flame was on the handle where the button is. SO naturally I yelled "AH!" & threw it on the floor.

OF COURSE NOW it decides to STAY ON! I quickly unplugged it. The flame went out. I wrapped up the cord & tossed it into the outside trash. My home smelled like burnt toxic plastic for awhile. ick!

Good thing my ahir was about done anyway......but so much for good hair days for awhile. lol

Which goes along w/ my week anyway. I noticed in some recent pix that I ahd soem MAJOR lines going from my eyes down my cheeks. Maybe crows feet except it's not in the corner of my eyes.

I seek out the eyecream aisle in a desperate attempt to salvage any semblance of youth (a lost casue?) I may have left. Oh! The confusion & horror. So many choices. Promises of magical ingredients like: whey, copper, silicone?, & things that sound like botox.....No longer is it an 'anti-aging' formula or 'moisturizer' it's now "decrinkling cream". Can it sound any more scary & discouraging?

And the prices......whew! Well it IS cheaper than a face lift, right? THen I see a display @ the end cap, 2 different 'miracle' products, for the price of one. Perfect.......except each product is for a different decade in life. Ok...there's 30-ish, 40-ish & 50-ish, aka: mature skin. Each has a facial pic of a model next to it.

THe 30ish yo woman definately does NOT look a day over 20ish! The 30-ish woman was Andi I know she is older but the pic of her face is not an accurate representation of MY skin! Yep! I ended up w/ the creams for 'mature skin'. sigh. Can it get any more discouraging?

I'm NOT even in my 'mid'- 30's yet & this is my lot in life? I drink tons of water, actually that is about ALL I drink, I use SPF as if I have stock in it, I use moisturizer w/ spf too AND I still get 'break-outs'....It looks so bad I didn't even want to smile.

Then I realized...I certainly can't spend the rest of my life NOT smiling right? lol So I bought the creams & resolved to get to bed earlier.....if I can.

Then I saw a pic of myself from a few years ago...thsoe lines were STILL there, but apparently I never noticed. HA! Imagine?

The creams seem to be working anyway...& jeans are looser today!

It's the little things in life, right? ;o)


  1. Woah! Glad you didn't burn yourself! Sounds like that dryer was possessed! ;o)

    Maybe it was God telling you to not worry about EVER fixing your hair again! hehe

  2. Ugh...I had that happen once to my hair can be scary.


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