Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Update!

I think I am going to start my OWN thing here (you hear that Susan, *I* have an idea. lol) A Weekend Update every MONDAY! lol

I had a business party Saturday night, or what was supposed to be one. No one showed up. boohoo. The hostess felt so bad & was so upset about it. She tried to offer me gas $$$ & then a tip even. lol I refused. It worked out in the end anyway because I just had a 'feeling' that I didn't really want to work a show that night anyway.

Also because I finally started & planned on finishing, L's dress that I had bought a pattern for LAST YEAR. I have seen some adorable & incredibly pricy outfits on Ebay. I would never pay $200 for an outfit for my dd, even though it does look quite worth it. Instead, I look @ the pix for inspiration. I promised myself I'd finish her outfit first & then move onto something new.

Her dress was/is actually 2 dresses. A dress & a pinafore, both can be worn alone but I wanted them to be worn together. It was not that hard but still a bit complicated (for a beginner like me) in some spots. I finished it in an evening & morning. I have enough fabric left over that I am going to make her a pant set that will consist of a top & ruffled or flared pants. I'll post a pic later in my crochet blog. lol

Sunday night we had a paid improv show. Ever since our Alumni shows (where I met Steve Carrel! ;o)) I have felt more self-confident about my improv. I am not sure why but I do & therefore I really want to perform more often.

Since it was the last weekend of the month E chose to stay @ work & skip the show. It was a 4 person show, 2 girls, 2 guys. We did a show for this church a few months ago, last year. The audience was extremely small but enjoyed it. From that show we were recommended & booked for a schools' 'winter formal' on a Harbor Cruise Boat. A student @ that school saw us @ the church.

I drove & carpooled w/ the other 2 guys. THAT was interesting. I hate driving & I get so nervous. I was constantly afraid I was going to miss the exit or something, lol, but I never did. And the lack of communication was really funny. One guy was not aware that E would not be going & thought we were joking. And I thought it was already understood that I was supposed to drive....NOPE, I was like, ok lets go & then the guys were like, ok & hopped in the van. Later, E told me he thought J would drive!!!! And the boys told me they had no idea who would be driving until I said, let's go.

I kept emailing them what time to meet to leave & then E was calling them seperately & changing the times on me so I had emailed them 3 different times then E called me to tell me, again, that he called them & changed the time, again. lol SO basically NOONE knew WHAT was going on. lol

The first half of the show was so great. The audience really enjoyed themselves & didn't hold back on the laughter. The church looks like a really great congregation too. The second half was not as good but still enjoyable.

I think I can award myself the 'dumbest line' for the evening: we were doing 'changes' & my line originally was: Have you seen my daughter? & we were supposed to be in Malibu. Then the input was changed to: Spain & I said: {cringe} Have you seen my gondola? OUCH! I asked M, that's in Spain right? She laughed & said, no Italy! DOH! But I redeemed myself when the next input was Brad Pitt & I said: Have you seen all my new children? everyone cracked up & I got the honk! :o)

M said that she is working on getting a show set up 'sooner than June'........& C suggested that as our group name. I actually think it is a really cool & catchy name. He reminded us that any groups who ever have the word: 'Improv' in them...usually suck. We all agreed w/ that. lol


  1. Wow - weren't you a busy bee? Well at least you weren't sick! ;o) Thanks for giving me something to read. Toodles!

  2. What a GREAT idea, Kt!!! I love it. I hope it's OK that I did my weekend update here on didn't make up any rules did you? (;-) Seriously though, I want to come to CA and see one of those improv shows...OR who knows? When you get famous and are traveling...maybe you'll be in Florida????


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