Friday, March 31, 2006

Disney @ Night

I am just DIGGING having these passes! :o)

Wednesday night, after church, we went to Disneyland. It's open until 11pm. I had been hinting to Dh for the past few weeks that we should go......I meant ALONE. lol He insisted the ktbunch tag along. (gotta love those family guys)

Riding the Matterhorn, while the 50th anniversary fireworks show was going on would have been the most romantic thing....if dd wasn't hugging my knees in fear of the Abominable snowman! lol

I just love how magical Disneyland really is. All the mood lighting in the evenings really helps. I know it's all 'atmosphere' but hey, it works. You walk through those gates & suddenly the whole world is romantic, Main Street is quaint, MY kids aren't the ones crying, it's great. I love it, Love it, LOVE it!

The flowers are perfect & I even noticed they grow edibles. I saw tomato or bell pepper plants, basil, strawberries, lavender, besides lemon trees & some lettuces. I wonder what they do w/ it. Do they donate it? Use it @ their restaurants? it's not that much...but it's something. Is it a requirement of the city or WHAT? I really want to KNOW. What other purpose would they have for planting FOOD @ Disneyland?

I hope google can help me...........

I found this:
Tomorrowland - Tomorrowland was unique in the problem it presented: how do you go about representing the future through plants? When Tomorrowland was being redesigned in 1998, the Imagineers settled on the concept of "Agrifuture," with all the plants throughout Tomorrowland edible. In the 1950s, however, the Evans brothers made the decision to represent the future through exotic plants and those that were used in contemporary landscape design. The House of the Future was located around a lushly landscaped area also featuring a pool and some oriental plants; this area is still at Disneyland today and is now home to the King Triton Fountain. One of the goals with Tomorrowland landscaping was to complement the stylized buildings with a collection of assertive plants that wouldn't simply blend into the background.

Funny, I did notice, but forgot to mention that the edible plants were only in Tomorrowland.
I also found this but I ma not sure how factual it is:
Every plant in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is edible. Plants in this section of the amusement park include bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, and more.

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