Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons NOT to do a Thursday 13! ;o)

1. It's just another Manic Monday

2. Wish it were Sunday

3. That's my fun day

4. Mondays blue

4. Tuesday's grey & Wednesday too

6. Thursday, I don't care about you

7. It's Friday, I'm in love

8. Saturday can wait

9. Sunday always comes too late

10. Never on Sunday

11. Monday's too soon

12. Tuesday & Wednesday, just won't do.

13. OR your brain dead! :o)

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  1. You may have been brain-dead at the time, but it turned into a cool 13.

    Sorry this is late - just saw your comment at my own site. Will visit Thursday/Friday/Saturday... at your 13 next week.


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