Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long time NO blog....hanh?

Long for me anyway. There has been some 'trouble in Paradise', to put it mildy. Believe it or not the 'Super Couple' has been having a heck of a time the past few days, weeks & even months.

I have been in some SERIOUS prayer & things are looking UP, however, it always does during the 'honeymoon phase' doesn't it?

A friend & I kind of have a running joke. It's practically impossible for me to 'hide' when there is 'TIP' so when she asks if E & I are ok, or how's it going (actually whenever a GOOD friend asks) I usually respond w/ a blunt answer & a smile. W/ this one friend, however, the running gag is: well, we're NOT getting divorced.

It makes us laugh but in all seriousness it IS the bottom line. It puts things in perspective. D is NOT an option for ME. I have considered it & even entertained the idea, of course. No matter how bad things may appear, in the back of my mind, my on going philosophy is: we are NOT getting a D. Therefore, I will put whatever energy is needed into creating a solution to whatever "problem" may arise.

Sometimes it is more difficult than other times, considering there is more than ME involved in this equation. I think though, that w/ most situations you have to look @ the worst case scenario & decide if that is really what you want. All things that what you want?

If not, then you work on solution, resolution & restoration. However that may look. It is not always easy but it's my experience that some things can usually be broken down into basic principles. kwim?

Like: being kind to one another, appreciative & not taking anything for granted. It sounds too simple but I think it really is. Life & relationships do not have to be complicated, unless we make them.

So, no worries, the 'adventure' continues...... ;o)


  1. And it is an adventure, isn't it??? The "tough" seasons tend to make us stronger and able to witness to the greatness of God in our lives. Praying for you all.

  2. Girl, you are SINGING to the choir - the devil must really be working on marriages overtime because I'm totally in a fast this week because of TIP! Gotcha covered in prayer. . .


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