Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday 13

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen wastes of $$$$$

1. 'Bling' to decorate your cell phone

2. Bottled water (some countries do not even have running water!)

3. Purchasing a ring tone for your phone.

4. Dorito chips (are they really made from corn OR potatoes?)

5. Gum (absolutely NO nutritional value)

6. Candy (see #5)

7. Storage unit (if you really need it that bad, why aren't you using it?)

8. Fireworks (the ones you buy @ the stands)

9. Cold cereal

10. Most children's toys (just give them some pots & pans & wooden spoon)

11. Motorized children's scooters (get a bike!)

12. Paying full price for ANYTHING (you know it's gonna go on sale!)

13. Not bringing your own food to an amusement park! (but they have drinking fountains)

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  1. Oh, KT, you stepped on MY toes....ouch!!!! I think I felt conviction with some of these. LOL!!!

  2. Hmmm. . . this was a big Thursday 13! ;o) But can I still like Doritos?

  3. I disagree with a bunch of those... ringtones are important.

    So is gum, for someone who didn't have time to brush their teeth.

    Doritos are made of corn. They're bad for you, but oh so yummy!

    Storage unit is for seasonal items... like Christmas trees and maternity clothes.

    And... others...

    But, this is fun, I may get the link!!!


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