Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Update!

Whew! A VERY long weekend, made all the longer by extremely LATE nights that lasted until morning.

DH had a show Thursday night & we went out afterwards to hang out w/ everyone. Then DH had a show Friday night @ 11:00 pm, of course I went to watch. & again we hung out afterwards.....but this time we did not get home until around 3:00 am!

Saturday morning was my monthly sales meeting/celebration. I was going to be recognized for my promotion & I'm on the planning committee & had to be there by 9am. Suffice it to say...I was in OVERDRIVE! lol

Saturday night, I had a show @ 8pm then H had another show @ 11pm. The 8:00 show was solid. The cast consisted mainly of 'old skool' improvisers. THAT was interesting. I let them hash it all out & accepted what I was in & made the best of it...which was quite good actually. ;o)

The audience was quite small for DH 11pm show......but about halfway through...I see this guy subtly slip in from backstage. I'm like ????WTHeck????

Then it dawn's on's THIS guy! "The 40 Year Old Virgin!" (very funny movie btw)

These improv shows were billed as: Alumni improv the director, our improv 'mentor' invited ALL the improvisers he ahd ever worked w/ &/or taught. SC was one of them. It was so great & to think that he would come to this little Community College. DH got to actually perform w/ him.

It was just so cool. As soon as the show was over, like a dork, I rushed out to head on over to the green room. It was so funny. I was telling the other girls: BE Cool & not to RUN! So we were walking & started walking faster & faster & broke out in a sprint to the green room. When I got there, DH was just coming back & his face had a giant smile & he looked like a 5 yo as he said: He's RIGHT here!

He was so great....he let us all crowd him & take lots of pix w/ him & talk w/ him. (of course I was one of the few who actually had a camera, so while I took lots of great pix of everyone else, I only have that ONE goofy shot of me!) WE DID act cool & gave him his space...but a couple of the 'Big Dogs' (older, arrogant, male improvisers) kinda monopolized him anyway.

Then we were all gonna go hang out again. So we went to one bar & grill that we thought would still be open, it was 1 am. We walk in, H, SC, me & another girl. SC goes up to the cashier to ask if they are still open, she does NOT recognize him & informs him they are closed & tells him where else we can go that is still open ect. blah blah blah.

Well, this barteneder is looking over @ us...& I can see the recognition dawning on his face, he looks @ me & I give him a subtle nod then he looks back over @ SC. It was the COOLEST feeling. The other girl told me later, she had done the SAME thing. lol I was such a star struck goofball...but I was 'cool'. ;o)

I thought it was rather stupid of the bar to send us away, once they obviously were figuring out who it was! DUH! Seriously though, I felt SO cool, walking next to him out of the restaurant, like: YAH, I'm W/ HIM! hahahahah

So guess WHERE we ended up @? NONE other than the rat hole we were @ the night before....DENNY'S! OF ALL places. What a totally down to earth guy! Seriously. It was such a treat for us.

Funny thing....while we were @ Denny's, DH called a couple improvisers who chose to go out to a 'real bar' & miss the 11:00 show....he told them, sincerely: Get to Denny's, we're here w/ SC! H being an 'improviser'...OF COURSE they did NOT believe him! And since they did NOT believe him, when they immediately hung up & called our other friend w/ us to ask for sure, H motioned to him, so he told them he did not know what DH was talking about. lol We did not get home that night, again until about 3 am...then H put a movie on??? I don't know what he was thinking. lol

The next morning DH got an early phone call.......our friend awoke to check out the improv website & what does he see greeting his groggy eyes? DH picture w/ Steve Carrell! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! He was so brokenheartedly jealous!

Sunday afternoon was the last show & there was a mini cast party in the green room. A bittersweet goodbye, as many of us had not seen each other, nor perfromed together for YEARS. There were new freinds made, hopefully we can still 'hang out'...but who knows. lol

As a thank you gift & tribute to our 'improv mentor' we created a scholarship fund in HIS name, he told us he would receive NO gifts from we thought this was an excellent alternative.

It was also great to hear, from quite a few people, how impressed they were by our ktbunch, how well behaved they were, in the theater even. I was proud of that.

And now..................back to reality. I must say though...I think my improv self-confidence grew a bit, performing w/ the Big Boys & all. I realized that I actually DO miss it & I AM pretty good. I never really believed it before. I slated it as "H thing"...& I was just in it by marriage. lol

Well, not anymore. :o)


  1. Oh my gosh - my dh is soooooo jealous! That has become his most favorite show! He loves that dude! How fun is that! Sounds like you'll need a couple of days to get some good sleep! ;o)

  2. As I have said before, "You Californians have all the fun!" Sounds like an exciting weekend. Glad you savored each and every moment.


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