Sunday, April 16, 2006

Arrggghhhh Susan! lol ;o)

Ok she tagged me...I have to write a list of quirky things about myself or something? lol

1. I am a hopeless romantic.
2. Valentines is my favorite 'holiday'. (WAY more than Christmas)
3. My clothes all have to hang in the same direction in my closet.
4. The pants must hang w/ the fold to the outside.
5. My clothes hang facing DH clothes (his hang in the opposite direction).
6. I prefer all the hangers the same color & give my DH & the ktbunch the 'ugly' ones. (brown, purple, all mine are white or pink)
How many were we supposed to list?
7. I enjoy scrubbing showers & tubs.
8. I fold my towels in 3's not halves.
9. I remove the onions but leave the 'ring' on Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Burgers.
10. I decided, last week, that I LOVE to dust.

(maybe I should have saved this for my Thursday Thirteen?)

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  1. I fold my towels in 3's as well! hehe


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