Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I consider 'Working Out'

1. Working out w/ the orginal Tae Bo tape.

2. Taking a bike ride

3. Roller blading

4. Dancing

5. Taking a walk to the library

6. Cleaning the living room by picking up items ONE @ a time & putting them away

7. Having sex (well it does get the heart pumping!)

8. Using my SIL new elliptical machine (that thing is FUN!)

9. Sweeping.....w/ a little bit of gusto

10. Letting your dishes pile up so it takes you no less than 20 min. to stand & do them all.

11. Scrubbing a mildewy shower

12. Channel surfing w/ no remote

13. Scouring the living room for a frantic 20 minutes trying to find the remote.

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  1. Your list is too cute!! I have tagged you again. Have a HAPPY EASTER!!


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