Wednesday, April 5, 2006

My Passion Flower

This is from my backyard. Ever since I first saw this flower growing on a chain link fence edging the river bed (sewer), I fell in love w/ it. I picked a plume & brought it home to didn't. I then noticed some growing @ a park & wondered WHERE I could get that plant. DH heard it was 'hard to grow'. I finally found one on clearance @ the end of a season. I planted in a spot in the fartherst corner of my back yard, I knew it was a vine so it had plenty of fence to cover. It produced lots of wasted fruit last year but hardly any flowers.

I had also heard it was a very symbolic plant of Christ & his crucifixion, which may have influenced it's name. Today my dd brought me a flower, like she always does, from the backyard...I did not even know it ws in 'bloom'. I went out & took this pic & foudn many flowers getting ready to bloom. Also, here is what I found on this amazing looking flower's symbolic meaning:

The Passion Flower symbolism, as originally perceived, and then augmented, includes:

The spiraled tendrils - the lash of Christ's scourging

The central flower column - the pillar of the Scourging

The 72 radial filaments - the Crown of Thorns

The top 3 stigma - the 3 Nails

The lower 5 anthers - the 5 wounds

The Style - the Sponge used to moisten
Christ's Lips with Vinegar

The leaves (some species) - the head of the Centurion's Spear

The red stains - Christ's Blood Drops

The Round Fruit - The World Christ came to save

The Fragrance - The Spices prepared by the Holy


  1. It's beautiful!

  2. That is sooo cool Kt!!

    Hey, we are majorly clearing out our backyard "garden." You're gonna have to come over and teach me how to plant things.. and keep them alive. lol.

  3. Isn't that a passion plant or passion flower?? Something 'passion' I think.

    Those used to grow in my backyard when I was a little girl. We liked to open the seed balls and spread them all over the yard. And pick the flowers apart, piece by piece. LOL

    You just brought back some good childhood memories!!


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