Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Skidding out of control......

I made a quick trip to the bank today. It's been raining ALL day, SO UNlike CA weather. Blah. Anyway, on my way back, I'm not sure but I may have been going a bit too fast, I honestly don't know.

I was far enough away when the light turned yellow, my car should have easily stopped, it didn't. It skidded, I think my brakes locked up. Not only was the car NOT stopping but it was not going straight either, it was veering off to the side into the other lane.

My heart near 'bout stopped as I pictured myself sliding into the intersection & cross traffic. Finally, the car DID stop & then I just thought, how embarrassing! I put my car in reverse & straightened out into my own lane. Realizing how potentially awful this could have been IF anyone had been on either side of me OR in front of me. There was no one.I didn't have my liscence, wallet or anything. I ran out of the house w/o even grabbing it, for a literal in & out errand.

How many times in life do we NOT pay attention to our 'speed'. Going about our business & when we decide to stop, it may be too late. Circumstances beyond our control, the potential to go skidding out of control. Sure it's a good thing we are trying to stop & w/ good reason. My point is to be aware BEFORE the need arises to 'slam on the brakes'. Be aware of outside influences, aware of what is coming up ahead....kwim? We must always be alert & on the ready, in life. The way to do that is to mind God more than our own business, I think.

I felt sick afterwards, that rush of adrenaline I guess. Poor angels, working over time today. ;o)

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  1. I was just reading over the archives of my blog and noticed you had commented there...that may not in and of itself be odd but my husband's father pastored a church in Lakewood CA for 17 years so I'm wondering if you know me in real life or if it's just a coincidence...
    Oh, and I'm glad you are okay from your little "incident"!! LOL


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