Monday, April 3, 2006

Weekend Update!

Not so busy as last weekend.

Friday night was a lazy day & evening @ home. Saturday I totally forgot my mom was having a candle party through my friend from church. When she called to ask if I was coming over, I rushed on over. lol

Later I had a party for my business. It was supposed to be tons of ladies, it didn't pan out. It was an atmosphere I was not used to so I couldn't wait to get out of there, ASAP.

I remembered the time change & for some reason was STILL up bright & early Sunday morning for a business training seminar. It was OK. The food was disappointing, just fruit, some crackers & cheese. I was expecting cold-cuts or something @ least!

Sunday night @ Halogen (church) was great as usual. I had to try really hard to stay awake during the message. No fault of the speaker....& they kept the houselights down for some reason, which was dumb because then we couldn't see to read our Bibles...that only encouraged my sleepiness. I didn't fall asleep though but I had to work very hard to stay awake.

DH rented North Country, so we stayed up REALLY late to watch it. It was a very good movie actually. Almost sad, what the women had to endure. I don't really like Charlize Theron but she did well in this movie, I think.

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