Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend Update!

Easter turned out well enough. I thought the weather report on Thursday said it would be rainy all weekend, I guess I was wrong because although it did rain all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday were gorgeous.

We had an improv show Friday night. I only had my 'C' game. ;o( But overall it went well. We had about 30 or so in the audience which is pretty darn good. About 1/3 of them were strangers from My Space. THAT was really cool. I was really nervous which is odd, because I don't normally get nervous before shows. I am not down about it though. I am excited for next week & expect to do even better.

Saturday I went shopping w/ my mom, which I don't normally do. It was just us girls, I took L w/ us. Mom bought her some Easter shoes since she has recently had a growth spurt or something & didn't have any 'nice' shoes. Her dress was a gorgeous hand me down from a friend's dd who wore it in a wedding. All white, sheer-ish layers of tulle & quite poofy. A couple friends gave me an early b-day gift on Friday, some soft, pinkish/yellowish yarn so I whipped her out a poncho to wear w/ it. She looked like a giant piece of cotton candy. lol

The dress was/is all white but I accented it using pink accessories. A pink hair band from the 99 cents store (cause I AM a bargain shopper), dress socks from there as well. They had a few pairs of ruffled socks but only w/ green ruffles, so I also found some scrapbooking ribbon while I was there, removed the green & sewed on some new pink. Voila'!

The second layer of tulle no longer had a hem, it had been torn off. I rolled it, stretched it & made a new nice hem. Good as new. Later, after numerous 'stepping ons', she tore the top hem. lol SO if she ever wears it again, I'll need to redo the top hem as well.

E had taken the boys to get hair cuts earlier in the week, so I didn't realize it, but it was perfect timing. They dressed nice too.

E worked extremely late Saturday night, woke up super early to deliver a car Sunday morning. He said when he got back we'd go to church, but he came in, laid down on the bed & fell asleep in his shoes & tie & everything. Poor guy. I didn't wake him up.

Then he got a business call anyway & had to go in a bit early. We all weren't completely ready yet, so I was a bit tiffed. iykwim. I had a mini-breakdown & let him know I was not happy & I was tired of doing things all by myself ALL the time. He was quite gracious & did not respond back except to say, I love you & have a nice day, then he was off to work.

I tried to stay mad & feel sorry for myself, but it was no use! lol
We went to visit my grandma @ the rehab. She looked nice, mom & I had picked out some really cute clothes for her. We took a few pix then it was off to my parents house.

My mom kinda went all out this year for the kidbits. She, my SIL & I hid the eggs & then the kidbits all came out to find them. I don't think we hid them very well cause it was all over in less than 5 min. lol

Then we were off to make a stop @ the inlaws. We hung out for a bit there, they bought us lunch. They weren't doing anything particularly special otherwise.

Then home for a bit then off to church.

Our Sunday night service was similar to last years, in which the theme was: The Art of the Resurrection. They put up various works of art from congregants & others contributed to the service through various mediums like readings & dance. I LOVED it.

The pastor spoke about becoming God's work of art (or allowing God to create us into His work of art, I can't remember exactly.)

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