Monday, April 17, 2006

My Birthday

OMY! Was this day WIERD! If I believed in bad luck...I'd say it was a very unlucky day which sux cause 17 is my favorite number! lol

I woke up this morning & things seemed normal enough. THEN I get a call from my mom, I think she's calling to wish me HBD......she is BUT she's also calling to tell me that she was @ the hospital half the night, since AFTER midnight (so already the 17th) w/ grandma---> things don't look good, either congestive herat failure or pnuemonia, the pnuemonia would be the worse of the 2.....BUT to go & have a nice day! ok.

DH wanted to take me to a musical or something---> there are NO shows on Mondays! lol So then I thought a day spa or something but decided to go to this place where you can rent a hot tub by the hour & get a great view of the mountains or sunset...sounds fun & romantic. He's got sitter arrnagements made w/ MIL.

Well the hot tub resort's phone line is busy....???? all morning. SO we decide to catch a movie & get a late lunch then we'll see what happens. DH emails them.

On the way to the movie theater, we are making a left turn & the car on our right decides to make an illegal left turn also & is turning into our lane. H swerves over & the other driver doesn't even blink!

We go to the movies & I see my parents & brother (how wierd is that?) tells me that it looks like grandma's UTI has gone 'septic' & the infection may have moved to her brain...but go have fun.

In line to buy tix I realize there are tons of KIDS around...I'm like..hhhmmm...maybe we should see an R rated movie cause I DON'T like kids in the movies...there were only like 2 (R movies) & they started too late....DUH! Spring Break! oh well, we take our chances.

After the movie...on the way home...we see my parents, brother & other grandma standing in the middle of the street, cops & 2 cars....My other grandma had gotten into a car accident!!!

I'm starting to think this is personal! lol

After that, closer to home...ANOTHER car turns out of a parking lot as we are passing but turns WIDE, again H had to swerve into the next lane to avoid being hit.

THEN we get home, he checks the email...the hot tub place responded! Due to a bad CAR ACCIDENT ALL their power has been out all day & they hope to have everything up & running tomorrow!

I go to my ladies small group tonight & right before I got there, the waiter had dropped/spilled a full glass of ice water on one of the ladies. I think THAT one was just coincidence, since I wasn't even there yet.

@ least it wasn't boring, right?


  1. Wellllll....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Hope today was better.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday
    Happy Happy Birthday

    Sorry the day was so crazyyyyy!


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