Sunday, May 21, 2006

That's MY boy!

My son has quite a few essays he needs to write as his 'comp' assignments.....

For some strange reason...I find them rather amusing & humorous, I wonder where he gets that from? lol

I may be biased, since I AM his mom...but I think they are pretty good.
BUT what I think is the fact that I think his writing style.....sounds just like me.

I created a 'blog' even though it will not really be a 'blog', per se, but a place where I post his writing samples. Decide for yourself.

I am leaving all spelling & grammatical errors, or else I might get carried away & start editting or something. I'd rather leave it true to the originals.

I'll be posting them randomly as I find them, but dated from the date they were written...kwim? That means I might post one today, dated from last week, or I'll post one next week, dated from last year.

I might also include a few journal entries, from the days when I 'forced' him to do journal writing assignments. I have a particular one in mind that is funny to me. lol Hope I can find it.

PS: He is currently in 7th grade, btw.

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  1. Great stuff! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!


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